JFA has extensive experience in providing Facility Support Services for some of the most technically challenging nuclear facilities in the US. Our versatility in providing these services is unsurpassed by companies much larger than JFA. Our owner, management team, and employees all understand the nature of the work scope and demanding regulatory requirements that are a part of safely and efficiently supporting the Department of Energy’s nationwide complex.


Facility Support Services for the INL

JFA has demonstrated excellence in facility support on its many contracts supporting the Advanced Test Reactor facility, the Materials and Fuels Complex, and the TREAT Reactor facility at the INL. JFA’s staff have supported the operating elements of these facilities and helped our customers achieve the goals and missions of the nation’s nuclear programs. The following task descriptions provide more detail on some our work at the INL:

  • JFA has provided direct Engineering support to the ATR Reactor and Nuclear Safety Engineering Department reviewing current Hydraulic Shuttle Irradiation System (HSIS) related documentation, providing a plan for revising the ATR Safety Analysis Report (SAR) to expand the capability of the HSIS, draft changes to the SAR and generate supporting safety documentation to support this SAR change. This SOW will also support review of other ATR SAR related documentation and drafting safety related documentation such as Engineer Safety of Situation (ESS) documents. JFA staff developed the INL Technical Evaluation (TEV), Engineering Calculations and Analysis (ECAR), and Detailed Operating Procedures and Operating and Maintenance Manual for this facility. JFA staff are familiar with the Unresolved Safety Question (USQ) format for performing screening and USQ determinations.
  • JFA has provided engineering and training support for the ATR Experiment Engineering Department in order to qualify ATR Experiment Engineers and Experiment Safety Analysis (ESA) authors as well as provide direct Engineering support in generating and reviewing experiment related paperwork. The work also supports improvements and simplification of the current experiment process to better support the growing number of experiments planned for irradiation in the ATR. JFA staff provide training for experiment related work planned for the Core Internals Changeout (CIC) and provide direct support in CIC preparation activities. JFA provides expertise in CIC related activities such as loop valve refurbishment and chemical decontamination of the pressurized water loops.
  • JFA has provided engineering support for the Analytical Laboratory (AL) at the Materials and Fuels Complex (MFC). The AL needed a ventilation upgrade when current systems were running at maximum capacity and could not support the research equipment needed to fulfill the facility’s mission. JFA engineering staff provided the facility with engineering support to design a more efficient ventilation system with increased flow capacity. JFA provided the facility with a code compliant ventilation system that meets the facilities current needs for flow capacity, HEPA filtration, temperature control, pressure control, etc. and provides capacity for future facility growth.


Facility Support Services for the ICP

JFA’s staff have consistently provided outstanding facility support services to the ICP. Our experts possess the experience and knowledge critical to support the prime contractor in meeting its cleanup objectives of the facilities at the INL. Some of JFA’s facility support work for the ICP includes:

  • JFA staff have aided in the investigation into the over pressurized and breached drums in ARP V. We provided historical information and context for waste buried at RWMC, retrieved, and packaged into bins and cargo containers. JFA supported the investigation and assisted in resumption of activities with minimal delay.
  • JFA has provided critical chemical engineering support to the Integrated Waste Treatment Unit (IWTU) facility. We provide expertise in the area of fluid bed technology and day to day operations and maintenance as well as off-normal operational troubleshooting. JFA assist in maintaining the integrity of Safety Significant structures, systems, and components relative to the corresponding facilities Documented Safety Analysis (DSA). Our staff ensure that safety significant items are being managed within the proper configuration controls, and we remain apprised of operational status and ongoing modification activities.
  • JFA has provided work planning, outage management, and project controls services in support of the IWTU startup and operation. Our staff ensured that facility outages were scheduled, planned, and managed in accordance with startup objectives. We also provided the support for facility modifications, management self assessments, and operational readiness reviews.